Transforming big data into smart insights for Europes largest black cab booking app.


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Hyphen crafted a strategy based on 1 simple principle. Deliver actionable insight to the MyTaxi management team based on all customer interactions and marketing activity.

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To achieve MyTaxis overarching but simple strategic ambition required a complex programme. 1) Multiple and disparate datasets of customer interactions and journeys needed to be mapped 2) Data mapping had to be translated into a useful visual language 3) All marketing data had to be attributed to unique customer IDs. The objective to provide management with a helicopter view of activity and the ability to obtain granular insight into performance.


The application of the Hyphen's team experience, strategy and programme translated MyTaxis big data into truly actionable insights the leadership team gained an advanced analytics dashboard, a true Value Engine. The ability to effectively interrogate data translated across the business. Our ongoing support of internal marketing teams, fortified by smart analytics, increased the effectiveness of budgets by optimising spend.


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