About Us

Hyphen Technology are a London-based data boutique. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of data analysis applied to your need for business and marketing intelligence delivers actionable insights that power strategic decisions and innovation. Our mission is simple: to help companies use their data to boost growth.

We don’t provide an off the shelf ‘one size fits all’ product - we know that all companies face unique challenges, so we craft a unique data solution just for you, and partner all of our clients with their very own success manager who supports you and your team in getting the insights you need to power your success.  

Our advanced analytics data dashboards give you the strategic edge, we explore your data effectively, spotlight roadblocks, identify trends, and highlight opportunities. Put simply, we can help your organisation define and meet its goals. Need more leads? No problem. Want to build your online sales? Of course! Whatever your goals, we can help you define and understand the data insights that will lead you to success.

Our Process

Our success managers start by consulting with you and your team to understand your objectives, not simply what data you could or should access. By understanding your business goals and decision making processes, we can identify which business areas to prioritise to achieve your overall strategy.

Having identified your strategic objectives, the next step is to work out which questions you need to answer in order to achieve those goals. By establishing what you need to know, we can focus on the essential data, and design methods of collecting it. Operational efficiency increases significantly as you  switch from ‘collect everything just in case’ to ‘collect and measure x and y to answer question z’.

Using our Hyphen Engine, we aggregate and combine your live marketing, analytics, customer and sales channel data into one place. The creation of 24/7 insight is simply the beginning. Our data dashboard packages come with monthly support from our team, ensuring that you have the help you need to extract meaningful and useful business insights - we’ll also work with you to help you share these results in a meaningful way with the right people in your business - converting insights into action.