How Much Does It Cost To Work With Hyphen?

Hyphen provide a range of services all backed by the flagship offering, Hyphen Advanced Analytics. This service starts at £1,000 per month and has packages tailored to suit organisations of all sizes. Our additional services are priced depending on the amount you spend on digital marketing and the scope of activity. We have delivered success for companies ranging from early-stage start-ups through to multi-national enterprises. You can find more detail on Hyphen Advanced Analytics features & pricing or our range of services via our site's navigation.

What Data Can I Connect?

You can connect data from any source with an open API or via our large library of supported database technologies. Our team maintain and support all connectors so it requires no development work from you to access your data. Our Supported Data Sources list includes the majority of major advertising, web analytics and CRM platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics or Salesforce. For data sources without an open API, each package offers support for non-standard sources with limits increasing at each package level. We can even import Google Sheets or spreadsheets where necessary.

Can I Get A Demo Account?

Hyphen Advanced Analytics is a full-service offering including proprietary technology, best-in-breed data visualisation tools and the support of our expert team. Each client receives a bespoke offering configured to meet their business' needs. As a result, we do not offer demonstration accounts. In its place, we offer a free guided demonstration that will give your organisation a detailed insight into what working with Hyphen is like and how we could start helping your business.

Is My Company Too Small For Hyphen?

Hyphen supports companies big and small achieve the results they are aiming for. If you are trying to make your marketing team more data-driven or if you feel as though you spend too long lost in spreadsheets waiting for the information you need, we can help. Our packages start at £1000 per month and we can start helping you today.

I Already Have My Own Tech and Data Scientists. What Value Does Hyphen Add?

In a recent study it was found that on average data scientists spend 79% of their time extracting and cleaning data before it can be mined or analysed. Hyphen Advanced Analytics helps remove this from the process so you can focus on what is important: Working out how to boost growth. Hyphen Advanced Analytics also contains a wide range of other features that can be used to save time and improve performance.

Will It Require Lots Of Work From My Team To Set Up?

Normally, very little work is required to get a new client set up. As Hyphen has an extensive library of Supported Data Sources, we can get access to your data easily with the only work required often being to authenticate our access.

Does Hyphen Offer Any Other Services?

Yes, the Hyphen team offer services to help you boost growth across a wide-range of channels. You can find a full-list of our services here.