Hyphen pulls your marketing data, web-analytics and sales data into one easy-to-use online tool. We help you use this data to drive growth for your business.

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Hyphen helps your business improve the efficiency of marketing activity by enabling a truly 360-degree picture of how all channels and campaigns are performing. Using the leading BI tools and Hyphen technology, we can combine your marketing, CRM, revenue and user data to easily identify trends that will deliver improved performance. Access your results online. Never wait for a report again.

We Are Proud To Work With Some Amazing Clients


We work with a multitude of exciting businesses ranging from industry-leaders to early-stage start-ups and agencies. Hyphen Advanced Analytics has a range of packages to suit your business, regardless of its stage of development.


The Hyphen team and platform have helped deliver insight on the performance of our campaigns beyond just pixel based tracking. This more detailed information has really helped us to scale volume and reduce CPA’s. Their team are very knowledgable and dedicated to delivering great results.
— Kayane Watson, Head of Paid Social @ Unibet

Making Accessing Your Data Easier Than Ever


Hyphen can access your data via our extensive library of supported data sources. Hyphen Advanced Analytics can incorporate data from most major advertising, CRM and analytics platforms along with a wide-array of different database technologies.

Hyphen also allows you to add meta-data to your marketing campaigns so you can tag campaigns as being about specific promotions or products and measure their relative performance. Your data is then surfaced in fully customisable web-based dashboards that work across web and mobile.

Using our technology, Hyphen can group your campaigns into custom segments and A/B test across multiple channels or campaigns. This allows the team to quickly identify opportunities for performance improvement. For more details on the features available click the button below.


Automate Agency Reporting

It is no secret that an average day inside a digital agency can involve a lot of reporting. Just creating one client's report can involve logging in to multiple systems to get a clear picture of how their marketing has performed. With Hyphen Advanced Analytics, you can automate all of your client reports and spend time on what matters: Improving performance and creating happier clients.